You’ve Got 30 Seconds

Young couple having fun in a bed

This first enjoyable sex video game is called ‘You have actually Got 30 Seconds’ since you are going to be giving each other a time frame of simply 30 seconds to turn each other on and get each other off. To play the game, preferably you should have an egg timer as it makes quite a loud buzzing noise when the time is up. However if you do not have one, a stopwatch on your phone will do. Set the timer to 30 seconds then start it.

Your man will now have simply 30 seconds to try and provide you as much satisfaction as possible. Typically this isn’t really sufficient though … which ends up being a good idea as it’s now your turn. You’ll have 30 seconds to try and offer your man as much satisfaction as possible and attempt to bring him to orgasm.

Now, when you are the person getting the enjoyment, you are not enabled to do anything besides relax and enjoy it. You’re specifically not enabled to provide any directions or tell your partner what you are taking pleasure in and doing not like. It’s up to them to discover it themselves. You’ll find that you will both need several 30 second sessions to obtain each other off. Numerous couples commonly report that they get fairly competitive when playing, ‘You’ve Got 30 Seconds’, trying to victory, by getting their partner off first.

A great way to play this is to attempt some of the foreplay strategies from this killer video tutorial on him. If you do, then you’ll discover that he has trouble ever victorying!

You can also contribute to the fun by designing rewards for the winner (the person who orgasms last) as well as forfits for the loser (the person who orgasms first).