Introducing sex toys to your bedroom with minimal fuss

Introducing sex toys to your bedroom can often be a troublesome topic to bring up with your partner. There’s no right time to introduce the idea. It’s best to wait until you’ve built up enough trust and communication, in all aspects of your relationship. Read on for some helpful tips on how to discuss the subject with your partner that you can implement with ease.

Making the suggestion

Despite the fact that sex toys are becoming an increasingly more socially acceptable aspect of modern sexuality, many people are petrified at the thought of suggesting the idea because they’re afraid of how their partner will react.

The fact of the matter is that men and women who use sex toys actually report higher levels of sexual satisfaction. The advancements in sex toy technology in recent years is simply mind-blowing. For instance, users of the Pulse II male masturbator report that they have ”experienced a more powerful and prolonged orgasm and that it is like learning to masturbate all over again”.

To start the conversation with your partner, your first action should be to try talking openly about your sexual needs and triggers. If you’re comfortable taking about sex, it will help put your partner at ease. Don’t leave this until during, or after, a steamy sex session when your hormones are raging uncontrollably; this is just a recipe for disaster!

It’s important that you offer lots of reassurance and appreciation to your partner for your current sex life. You don’t want to make it sound like a complaint. Some people can be particularly sensitive about this, so make sure you ease into the topic nicely.

Dealing with intimidation

Perhaps your partner is willing to entertain the idea of introducing sex toys, but you can’t help but feel that he or she is slightly intimidated by some of the toys you’ve been browsing through online. It’s best to start small and work your way up.

If your partner is feeling standoffish at the thought of a device ”replacing” them, start with toys that are beginner-focused, easy-to-use and ones that don’t have a weird or wacky design.

It’s best to choose a toy that you can use together. There are a plethora of items on the market these days that are designed specifically for use during full sex. Start exploring now, and whatever you do, have fun!